Your Systems

Server Check

The most important measures to protect your computer are regular installation of software updates and routine system maintenance. By keeping your server „up to date”, problems such as loss of data, malware infections and other potential risks can easily be avoided.

Within the scope of our Server Check, we offer daily, weekly or monthly analysis of operating system log files and server hardware status, informing you immediately should intervention by a technician become necessary.

Backup Check

We offer daily (business days) and weekly checks of your backup log files, and immediately inform you about any issues with your backup solution.

Security Check

We don’t need to tell you how crucial the safety of your data and infrastructure is to your business. A simple phishing e-mail by itself is harmless, until manual user activity makes it a threat. Therefore, the people operating your systems must be included in your security concept.

The Security Check is a combination of renowned security tools and our breadth of experience. With our hardware and software security tools, we don’t just protect you from common threats such as malware, phishing and spam, but also from unauthorized external access to your data.

Our experienced Security Experts audit the safety of your IT systems, and develop a comprehensive security concept for your business. Furthermore, employees receive training sessions, teaching them to identify and safely handle the most important potential threats.

An individually tailored, comprehensive security concept consists of multiple tiers of security measures, and very much depends on the types of data your business is working with. A basic set of measures present on any machine with an internet connection, include:

  • Antivirus
  • Spam filter
  • Personal firewall
  • Regular scheduled backups
  • Access protection