Our Services

Network Infrastructure

We specialise in network/server/client installation. Do you want to implement a new network, or optimise an existing one? We are glad to perform a complete analysis of your requirements and individually tailor an optimal solution to your needs.

  • Support of network/server infrastructure
  • Planning, installation, configuration and maintentance of all IT infrastructure
  • Network migrations
  • Planning and implementation of network security measures
  • Planning and implementation of backup solutions
  • Implementation of firewall/VPN solutions
  • Virtualisation
  • Network/server/client support


Thanks to virtualisation, physical hardware can be uncoupled from the operating system, achieving a more efficient utilisation of available IT resources and higher flexibility. Virtualisation allows the execution of multiple virtual machines with different operating systems on the same physical machine. Every virtual machine has a separate hardware configuration (CPU, RAM, Storage, etc.). Virtual machines are self-contained systems. This allows for effortless transfer of individual machines from server to server.


Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most efficient and cost-effective method for businesses to operate their IT whilst utilising cutting edge software solutions. By having all your software available on the internet, users have everything at their disposal - anytime, anywhere.

  • Save time and concentrate on your core business
  • Low investment risk
  • Accelerated implementation
  • Use of cutting edge software
  • Redundant data backup
  • You know exactly where your data is
  • 365-day service

Software as a Service – Simpler, more convenient and safer than ever!